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Think Like a Monk PDF Download

In this article, we will provide you the direct link to Think Like a Monk PDF Download. Think Like a Monk is a book that describes how we can remove the obstacles in the way of our potential and power. This book is written by story writer, podcaster, and former Sanyasi Jay Shetty. The Think Like A Monk book includes a combination of Ancient Wisdom and Jay Shetty’s personal experiences to help individuals implement a monk mindset in their lives. Everyone must read this book and live their life by following the things written in it.

Think Like a Monk PDF

By reading this book (Think like a monk) you will come to know what is the real cause of your sufferings. Knowing the reason, you will also know the way to solve it. Knowing all this you will be able to find true happiness, peace, and contentment. Also, the day-to-day stress and anxiety will always stay away from you. If you also want to read this book, then you can download the book in Hindi and English through the link of Think like a monk PDF given below.

Think Like a Monk Book PDF Highlights

Article/PDF   Think Like A Monk
Author   Jay Shetty
The theme of the book   Remedies is to control negative thoughts
Purpose   To inspire everyone to lead a happy life
Language of the Book   English
Download Think Like A Monk Book PDF

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Think Like A Monk Book PDF Download

Think Like A Monk Book aims to show you how to use your potential to overcome negative thoughts, reach peace, and have a true purpose. Jay Shetty says that implementing Lesson Of The Monk for a busy life can be challenging. But it is the lessons that offer advice and exercises to reduce stress in life, develop self-discipline and focus, and maintain relationships in the modern world.

Think Like A Monk PDF 

Think like a monk summary => This book is divided into three parts.

  • Part 1 – Let Go
  • Part 2 – Grow
  • Part 3 – Give
Think like a monk Part 1 – Let Go

In this part, the author has told that leave the negative things which you are holding. For this, first of all, you should understand about your identity – who are you after all?

3 step way to remove negative thoughts – Spot, Stop, Swap

If you have a habit of overthinking. Or if the same thought keeps coming to your mind again and again, then use this three-step formula for this:

Spot => First of all sees what negative thought is coming into your mind.
Stop => Then address that negative thought. Know the reason for it. Then find a solution for it. Then end it there. Don’t think about it again and again.
Swap => After this swap the negative thought with a positive thought. That is, change Start thinking something positive. Or read the summary of a self-help book. Which you can also do on this blog. With this, you will be filled with positive energy and happiness.

Think like a monk Part 2 – Let Go

In this part of the book, the author has told that after leaving negative things, you should do your mental and spiritual growth. For this, you can follow the following methods.

  • Follow your passion => Do the thing that makes you happy. Only then will your growth happen. Don’t do anything by seeing others. Many parents make their child keep science after seeing others. So that their child can also become a doctor or engineer, never do this.
  • Good Intentions => Do any work with good intention. Never help anyone thinking that he will also help you in return, no doubt help comes back. But help only with sacrifice. Only then will you get its merit. Never hurt anyone. This will fill your soul with guilt.
  • Power of Routines => Always work in routine. Routine means to do the scheduled work at a fixed time. The monks also meditate daily in the routine. And never be sad in life. His heart is always filled with peace, contentment, and happiness. That too, when there is only a thin cotton cloth on their body. Because they are calm from inside.
  • Plan Your Next Day the Night Before => Friends, sometimes we have many things to do. But often we forget to do some important work. Because many thoughts keep coming and going in our minds. Due to this we also get confusion.So before you go to sleep, plan for the next day. Whatever work is there, note them down on paper or on mobile. With this, you will be clear that how many works are there. And which ones are most important.
  • Integrate Time and Life => Some people divide time. They think that when they get a job, they will be happy. Or they will be happy when the car arrives. Or if you take home then everything will be settled. etc etc.
    But these things take years. So will you not live life till then? Or keep waiting for happiness. A monk would never do this.
  • Fill Your Mind With Positive Thoughts => Always fill positive thoughts in your mind. As soon as you wake up in the morning, read a self-help book. By this, you will see that you are filled with invisible energy. Feel inspired to move forward in life.
Think like a monk Part 3 – Let Go

In this section, we have explained how to cultivate the tendency to give. This will make you a truly happy and complete person. The biggest donor was Karna. They could give anything. But you do not need to give your wealth. Here’s a look at what the author has to offer.

  • Mudita (Sympathy) => Every monk is told about Mudita. Knowing this concept, you can also use it in life. Mudita means giving sympathy to others. And to be happy in the happiness of others. If you learn these two things then your life will change.
  • Relationships => To keep any relationship strong, you should focus on three things –
  1. Presence => Whenever someone needs your help, go ahead and help them selflessly. Be present. Don’t disappear
  2. Attention => Whatever troubles they have, listen carefully to them and then work to get rid of them. Many people take pleasure in the suffering of others. With this, the same happens with them as well. Because who doesn’t suffer?
  3. Intimacy => Adopt trust and love to increase intensity. Never say things that hurt them. Never break their trust. Keep the promise you have made in any case. If something is not possible, do not promise it, but help them as much as you can.

Here we have provided you the information of Think like a monk book pdf. Along with this, you have also been told Think like a monk summary, if you have any questions related to this, then you can write through the comment below. Stay tuned to our website for all other Book PDF information. Thank you

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