Religion Caste Conversion certificate Kerala Application form - Application Form PDF

Religion Caste Conversion certificate Kerala Application form

The conversion certificate tells what caste or religion a citizen of the state has converted and accepted which caste or religion. This certificate is given by the Department of Revenue. Many benefits are given to the citizens by the state government. These are given different types of benefits by the different state governments of the country.
With the conversion certificate, the common man can take advantage of all types of schemes of the government even after changing their religion or caste. Next, how do you create a conversion certificate in this article or what documents are required for it, its complete Study the information carefully.

Required documents for Religion Caste Conversion certificate Kerala 

  1. Ration Card of the applicants
  2. you need the School Certificates of Parents
  3. Applicants need the Certificate of conversion by the responsible authority

Religion Caste Conversion certificate Kerala Time period to issue the Certificate:

It will take approx 7 days from the date of application


For a specified minimum period

Documents Required For Religion Caste Conversion certificate Kerala

  • Applicants need Conversion Certificate from the concerned authority
  • Ration card is mandatory
  • School certificate of Applicants is required
  • The affidavit is also required

Fee For Conversion Certificate Kerala

  • Akshaya service charge Center -Rs.18/- + Government Service charge – Rs.7 + print and scan -Rs.3 per page
  • For SC / ST category Rs 10 + and print/scan Rs.2 per page
  • For BPL category Fee is  Rs 20
Article Religion Caste Conversion certificate Form 20C
Department Revenue department Kerala
Beneficiary Citizen of Kerala
Language English
Official Website
Fee Given Above
Validity  for a specified minimum period.
Benefits Get government Benefits
Form PDF Download Click Here

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