NCO Code list 2021 PDF Download - National Occupations Classification Code - Application Form PDF

NCO Code list 2021 PDF Download – National Occupations Classification Code

Today we have brought information about NCO Code List 2021 PDF for you in this article. If you are not aware of NCO Code, then through this article we will provide you detailed information about NCO Code. The full name of NCO is the National Classification of Occupations. The National Occupational Classification (NOC) is Canada’s national system for describing occupations. You can search for NOCs to find out where a business is classified or its main duties, educational requirements, or other useful information.

NCO Code list 2021 PDF Download

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) is the national reference on occupations in Canada. It provides a systematic classification structure that categorizes the full range of business activity in Canada to collect, analyze and disseminate labor market information and occupational data for employment-related program administration. Occupational information is of vital importance for the provision of the labor market and career intelligence, skills development, occupational forecasting, labor supply and demand analysis, employment equity, and many other programs and services. If you want to Download Nco code list 2021, then for this you have been provided the link in the article below.

NCO Code list 2021 Highlights

Article / PDF   NOC Code List
NOC Full-Form   National Occupational Classification
The Year  2021
Objective   To find out the educational needs and main duties of the business
Official Website
NOC Code List PDF   Download

National Occupational Classification Code list 2021 PDF

Revision Process of National Occupational Classification

  • The NOC is updated on a regular basis in partnership with Statistics Canada. Minor revisions, which do not affect the distribution of unit groups across skill levels and broad occupational categories, have been conducted on an annual basis since 2017. These revisions focus on material updates such as adding or revising job titles in an entity group to a key statement or revising the core duties of an entity group.
  • Major revisions take place every 10 years, with the next one being scheduled for 2021 These major revisions are associated with more important changes to the classification which can include the introduction of new unit groups and the reallocation of unit groups across skill levels and broad occupational categories.

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Employment NCO Code List 2021 PDF Download

NCO Approval procedures

  • Once data and information have been collected, findings are analyzed and analysts prepare revision reports. These documents are then submitted to an internal Employment and Social Development Canada review committee for discussion and approval.
  • The proposed revisions are then sent to Statistics Canada for review and assessment of concerns related to coding consistency and statistical considerations. The joint working committee of classification experts from the two departments then discusses and resolves any outstanding issues to reach a consensus on changes for the NOC.

Download NCO Code List 2021 PDF 

List of NOC Code and Name 2021

occupation name family_name
6123 Apiarists (Bee Keepers) and Sericulturists Agriculture
9211 Crop Farm Labourers Agriculture
6111 Field Crop and Vegetable Growers Agriculture
9216 Fishery and Aquaculture Labourers Agriculture
9215 Forestry Labourers Agriculture
9214 Garden, Horticultural & Plantation Workers Agriculture
6121 Livestock and Dairy Producers Agriculture
9213 Mixed Crop and Livestock Farm Labourers Agriculture
6122 Poultry Producers Agriculture
6112 Tree and Shrub Crop Growers Agriculture
8153 Sewing Machine Operators Apparel
7533 Sewing, Embroiderers and Related Workers Apparel
7531 Tailors, Dressmakers, Furriers, and Hatters Apparel
8331 Bus and Tram Drivers Automobile & Transportation
8322 Car, Taxi, and Van Drivers Automobile & Transportation
9332 Drivers of Animal-Drawn Vehicles and Machinery
(Bulluck cart, horse carriage, etc.)
Automobile & Transportation
5165 Driving Instructors Automobile & Transportation
9331 Hand and Pedal Vehicle Drivers (Cycle Rickshaw
and Cart Puller)
Automobile & Transportation
8332 Heavy Truck and Lorry Drivers Automobile & Transportation
8344 Lifting Truck Operators Automobile & Transportation
7231 Motor Vehicle Mechanics and Repairers Automobile & Transportation
8321 Motorcycle Drivers Automobile & Transportation
5112 Transport Conductors Automobile & Transportation
9122 Vehicle Cleaners Automobile & Transportation
5142 Beauticians and Related Workers Beauty & Wellness
5141 Hairdressers, Barber Beauty & Wellness
2264 Masseur Beauty & Wellness
4214 Debt Collectors and Related Workers BFSI
4213 Pawnbrokers and Moneylenders BFSI
7233 Agricultural and Industrial Machinery Mechanics and Repairers Capital Goods & Manufacturing
7234 Bicycle and Related Repairers Capital Goods & Manufacturing
7221 Blacksmiths, Hammersmith and Forging Press Workers Capital Goods & Manufacturing
7315 Glass Makers, Cutters, Grinders, and Finishers Capital Goods & Manufacturing
7313 Jewelry and Precision Metal Workers Capital Goods & Manufacturing
9329 Manufacturing Labourers Not Elsewhere Classified Capital Goods & Manufacturing
7211 Metal Moulders and Core Makers Capital Goods & Manufacturing
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