MCGM Death Certificate Application Form PDF

Application of Death certificate in Municipal corporation Of greater Mumbai is given below, you can download it and print it, after filling the required details and attached other documents, this application should be submitted at the ward office of the respective medical inspector/medical officer of Health.

Brihanmumba Mahanagaepalika

Download Death certificate application PDF form In Municipal corporation of Greater Mumbai

There should furnish copy/copies of Death registry certificates. the particulars are:-

  • Full name of the deceased (मृतकाचे पूर्ण नाव)
  • His/Her Residential place of parents in Mumbai At the time of Death as furnished at the ceremony of registration of Death. (मृत्यूचे नोंदणीकरण समारंभात सुनावली गेलेल्या मृत्यूच्या वेळी त्याचे मुंबईतील पालकांचे निवास स्थान)
  • Name of the Hospital, If the Death took place in Hospital.
  • Date of Death
  • Enclosed for rupees

MCGM death certificate application form PDF download

Condition For Death certificate application In MCGM

  • Certificates will be prepared as per the original municipal records.
  • The fresh fee will be a necessary modified copy after compline with the procedure laid down on this behalf.
  • The certificate will be delivered on the production of receipt only.
  • No claim for refund, certificate, or otherwise will be entertained 6 months after the date of payments.
  • refund if any, admissible will be paid only to the applicants on the production of the receipt.
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