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IKIGAI Book PDF Free Download

Today we have brought information about IKIGAI Book PDF Free Download for you in this article. This book tells about the secret of Japanese long and happy life. This book will provide you with life-changing tools to unleash your personal IKIGAI. It will show you how to let go of the urgency, find your purpose, nurture friendships, and throw yourself into your passions. If you also want to make some changes in your life, then you must read this book. You can download Ikigai Book PDF by using the direct download link given in the article below.

IKIGAI Book PDF Download

As we told you, Ikigai is a famous book on Japanese secrets of a long and happy life in which you learn how to enjoy life in every situation. It is an international bestseller book. Everyone has their own IKIGAI, we have to find it, the people of Japan live their life according to that by searching for it. It has been told in this book that what other things are there that give such a long life and happy life to the people of Japan.

IKIGAI Book PDF Highlights

Article/PDF   IKIGAI Book PDF
Author  Hector Garcia, Francesc Miralles
The theme of the book   The Japanese secret to a long and happy life
Benefit  Learning to live your life happily
Language of the book   English and Hindi 
IKIGAI Book Download In Hindi PDF
 IKIGAI Book PDF Download In English

IKIGAI Book PDF Download


On an island in Japan named Okinawa, an average of 24.55 people out of 100,000 people are over the age of 100, which is much more than the whole world. A village in Japan whose name is Ogimi is known as the “Village of Long Life” in the world because it has the longest age population. The name of the secret is “IKIGAI” in this book five steps are mentioned. Which reveals the secret of longevity. which are as follows.

  • First step => Passion

PASSION is created when you combine the two things you love and what you are good at.

love to work + skilled in doing = passion

  • Second step => Profession

When you combine those two things which you are skilled in doing and you will also get money for doing it, then PROFESSION is formed.

Efficiency + money from work = Profession

  • 3rd step => Business

When you do the work that makes you money and the world needs that work, you combine the two, then it becomes a business.

money for work + need of the world = Business

  • Fourth step => Mission

When you combine the two of the work that the world needs and the work you love, it becomes MISSION.

What the world needs + love for work = Mission.

  • Last and fifth step

In the last step, when you combine the above four steps PASSION, PROFESSION, VOCATION, and MISSION, then “IKIGAI” is formed.

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