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In this article, we will provide you with the direct link to the Germany Visa Application Form PDF Download. As you must have heard the name of your visa. It is a document through which you get the right to enter and live in a country. Different rules have been made for those working abroad and their citizenship or traveling or living there. One of which is a visa. It is of many types. In this article, we will get information about Germany Visa Application Form PDF.

Germany Visa Form Download

Article/PDF   Germany Visa Application Form
Benefits  Applying for a German Visa
The beneficiary   The person traveling to Germany
Official Website   Click Here
Download Germany Visa Application Form PDF

Types of Visa => There are many types of Visa which are as follows –

  1. Tourist Visa => This visa is issued for travel only. If you go to any country with this visa, then you cannot engage in any kind of business activity. Some countries do not issue tourist visas. Saudi Arabia started giving tourist visas in 2004. However, earlier it used to issue pilgrimage visas for Haj pilgrims.
  2. Business Visa => This visa is given to participate in business activities in another country. This can also include a permanent job and obtaining a work visa for that.
  3. On-Arrival Visa => It is issued immediately upon entry into a country. However, it is also necessary to have a visa in advance because your country’s immigration department checks it before boarding the flight.
  4. Partner Visa => If a person living in another country wants to call his spouse with him, then his partner is given a ‘Partner Visa’.
  5. Student Visa => This visa is given for higher studies in a country. That is, if you want to go abroad for any degree or course, then you have to apply for a student visa.
  6. Working Holiday Visa => This is for those people who are sent to another country for the working holiday program on behalf of the company or organization. It is allowed to do temporary work with rotation.
  7. Diplomatic Visa => This visa is only for diplomats. That is, only those who have a diplomatic passport, this visa is issued to them.
  8. Cortez Visa => This visa is given to such officials of the foreign government or international organizations, who do not come under the diplomat category.
  9. Journalist Visa => People associated with news organizations travel from one country to another through this visa.
  10. Marriage Visa => This visa is issued for a fixed period of time. Suppose, an Indian youth wants to marry an American girl, then he can call her in India to get married and in such a situation, that girl will have to go to the Indian Embassy in America and apply for a marriage visa.
  11. Immigrant Visa => It is given in the condition when a person wants to settle in another country. This is only for a single journey i.e. when you are sure that the other country is ready to provide immigration, then only a visa is granted.
  12. Pension Visa (or Retirement Visa) => This type of visa is issued only by Australia and a few countries. It is given only to those people whose motive is not to earn money by going to another country. In some cases, the age of the person is also taken into account.

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