Election Nomination Form PDF - Application Form PDF

Election Nomination Form PDF

Today we have brought information about Election Nomination Form PDF for you. You must be aware that the process of elections continues almost in the country, under which small and big elections are conducted by the commission from time to time. Out of which many people have complete knowledge about elections and some people do not have good knowledge related to elections, most of the work is done under the Vidhan Sabha in all the states. To contest the election, the candidate has to fill a form. The election nomination form contains much information related to the candidate.

Election Nomination Form PDF

As we told you that it is necessary to fill the election nomination form to contest the elections. In this form, all the details of the candidate are filled. In which the information of his property and total income etc. is recorded. Here we will provide you the links to download the election nomination form for the Vidhan Sabha (Legislative Assembly) elections. You can also download this form from the official website of the Election Commission.

Election Nomination Form Highlights

Article / PDF   Election Nomination Form
Benefits   Providing information to the Election Commission
Beneficiary   Election Candidate
Purpose   To get complete details of the candidate
Official website https://eci.gov.in
Election Nomination Form PDF   Download 

पंचायत चुनाव नामांकन फॉर्म 2021 

नामांकन पत्र का प्रारूप चुनाव आचरण नियम, 1961 के नियम 4 के तहत निर्धारित है। यदि उम्मीदवार को किसी मान्यता प्राप्त राजनीतिक दल द्वारा खड़ा किया जाता है, तो निर्वाचन क्षेत्र के एक निर्वाचक को प्रस्तावक के रूप में नामांकन पत्र के भाग- I पर हस्ताक्षर करना चाहिए। केवल वही व्यक्ति, जो उस निर्वाचन क्षेत्र का निर्वाचक है, जिसमें उम्मीदवार चुनाव लड़ता है, उम्मीदवार के नाम का प्रस्ताव कर सकता है और नामांकन पत्र पर हस्ताक्षर कर सकता है, अर्थात वह निर्वाचक जिसे अन्य निर्वाचन क्षेत्र के लिए निर्वाचक नामावली में नामांकित किया गया है।

Election Nomination Form PDF Download

Documents Required for Election Nomination Form

  1. Educational Qualification Certificate.
  2. Caste certificate.
  3. Aadhar card.
  4. Voter ID Card.
  5. Character certificate.
  6. Residence letter.
  7. Declaration letter.
  8. Income and movable and immovable property certificates.
  9. Bail money.
  10.  Nomination Letter (Format – 4)
  11. Attested by stamp notary.

How to fill the Election Nomination Form?

  • If you also want to contest elections from your area, then for this you have to fill the Election Nomination Form.
  • You can download the Nomination Form PDF through the link given below.

Download Election Nomination Form PDF

  • After downloading the form, you have to fill in all the information asked in the form correctly. like –
  1. Name of Legislative Assembly
  2. Candidates Name
  3. State Name
  4. Address
  5. Particulars of the proposers and their signatures
  6. And any other Information
  • After filling in all the information you have to attach the required documents asked in the form.
  • After this, you have to submit the form to the office of the Election Commission. After this, your application will be scrutinized by the concerned authorities.
  • Your nomination will be accepted if the information provided by you is found correct.

Here we have provided you all the information about the Election Nomination Form PDF, if you have any questions related to it, then you can ask through the comment below. Stay tuned with our website www.applicationformpdf.com to get all other types of PDF. Thank you

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